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OCArtists Contest Theme: Springtime!

:tribute:   Description   :tribute:
You can start submitting March 11th, but the contest ends May 1st. Winners will be announced May 24th.
Draw a picture that features your original character(s) and incorporates the spring season!
Is spring relaxing for your OC(s)? Energizing? Nostalgic? Show us with your work!

:tribute:   Prizes   :tribute:
This is what you can win!
(Winning contestants do not have to accept any prizes they don't wish to, including interviews and features.)

First Place:
:bulletgreen: 800 DA points
:bulletgreen: Interview and feature of 10 works
:bulletgreen: Winning piece gets a spot in the OCArtists Featured folder
:bulletgreen: Full color, Full body traditional drawing of any character, simple background OR Realistic Black and white referenced traditional drawing by LonelyZoner
:bulletgreen: Full color, Full body digital drawing of any character, no background by Rinkula
:bulletgreen: Full color and lined, Full body digital drawing of any character (preferably quadrupedal, but humanoids are also able to be drawn), simple background by o-Pirate-o

Second Place:
:bulletgreen: 500 DA points
:bulletgreen: Feature of 7 works
:bulletgreen: Winning piece gets a spot in the OCArtists Featured folder
:bulletgreen: Full color traditional bust drawing of any character, plain background by LonelyZoner

Third Place
:bulletgreen: 200 DA points
:bulletgreen: Feature with 4 works
:bulletgreen: Winning piece gets a spot in the OCArtists Featured folder
:bulletgreen: Black and white traditional bust drawing of any character, no background by LonelyZoner

Want to contribute a prize? Scroll to the bottom to find out how!

Winning contestants are to discuss prize details directly with the donator, not OCArtists.
"Donators" have a maximum of 3 months to deliver the finished prize to the winner. Failing to do so will result in a ban from future OCArtists contests and participative events.
OCArtists holds no direct control over prize-givers. The most we can do is ban the offender so please do not complain, argue, etc. to us.

:tribute:   Rules   :tribute:
All entries breaking these rules will be automatically disqualified.

:bulletgreen: All OCArtists rules apply. [Rules & FAQ]
:bulletgreen: Artwork must be newly created for this contest from scratch. Recycled work will be disqualified.
:bulletgreen: In the description, please mention that the piece is for the contest and include some basic identifying info about the characters, such as their names.
:bulletgreen: You may enter multiple pieces, but you can win at most one prize.
:bulletgreen: No mature content. This means no gore, excessive blood, nudity, etc. Keep it PG so that everyone can enjoy all the entries.

:tribute:   How to Enter   :tribute:
Submit your entry to the Spring Contest folder.
Entries outside of this folder will not be looked at!

:tribute:   Judging Criteria   :tribute:
This is how your entries will be judged.

:bulletgreen: Illustrative quality and appeal.
:bulletgreen: How well the spring theme is incorporated into the image and with the character(s).
:bulletgreen: The effectiveness of the composition, colour, and other technical aspects of the work.

:tribute:   Judges   :tribute:
These members will be your judging the entries.

:bulletgreen: eishiya
:bulletgreen: LonelyZoner
:bulletgreen: Rinkula
:bulletgreen: o-Pirate-o

:tribute:   How to Donate a Prize   :tribute:

:bulletgreen: Note OCArtists with the title "Contest Prize Donation" or similar
:bulletgreen: Specify what you are donating (Prizes can be donated in the form of art, DA memberships, DA points, or features)
:bulletgreen: If you would like to give a prize in the form of art, please include in your note: Media, B+W or color, range of the creation (full body or bust, background or no background, size, etc).
:bulletgreen: If you would like to donate a Premium Membership, please include how many months it's worth.
:bulletgreen: If you would like to donate DA Points, please do this by giving to the donation pool located at LonelyZoner's profile. This makes them available for future contests and will help OCArtists host more events with encouraging prizes. (You do not need to note OCArtists if contributing this way.)
:bulletgreen: If you would like to donate DA points to the winners personally, please note us and specify this, along with how many points you wish to give.
:bulletgreen: If you would like to give a journal feature, include how many pieces of artwork you'll be displaying, whether or not it includes an interview, etc.

All prizes will be distributed to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place as we see fit.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask by commenting below or sending OCArtists a note!
More Journal Entries

Gallery Folders

Writing and Prose

Welcome to OCArtists

Welcome to OCArtists! This is a group dedicated to artists who enjoy drawing their own characters in their own worlds. We are here to showcase those characters that get overlooked between fan characters and commissions.

Please follow the rules below!

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Allowed :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Characters with developed personalities and stories that you created and own
:bulletgreen: Comics, illustrations, and written works set in your own original worlds
:bulletgreen: Characters created for RPs (roleplays), as long as the worlds and stories are original
:bulletgreen: Finished artwork created by you from scratch that highlights your original creations
:bulletgreen: Collaborations featuring your OCs where you did at least 1/3 of the work
:bulletgreen: Works featuring minimal stock use (for texturing etc) which is appropriately credited

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: Not Allowed :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

:bulletred: Characters you did not create, such as in fan art or commissions, and characters closely based on real people
:bulletred: Characters you do not own, such as commissioned designs or adoptables
:bulletred: Artwork you did not create
:bulletred: One-shot characters that exist only for the artwork in which they are featured
:bulletred: Characters based on worlds you did not create, such as Pokemon trainer OCs or avatars from games/websites
:bulletred: Characters in cosplay, or with other characters from stories you did not help create
:bulletred: Sketches and otherwise unrefined works, copies of other images, and works that feature extensive and noticeable use of photography or other stock materials
:bulletred: Images with poor image quality, such as grainy photos, dirty scans, works on lined paper, and images with heavy JPG artifacts.
:bulletred: Sketch/art dumps, WIPs, alternate versions of work already submitted to the group
:bulletred: Sexually explicit works and anything that otherwise infringes on dA's submission guidelines

:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue: Submission Guidelines :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Submissions are limited to 1 per week
:bulletblue: Submit your work to the correct gallery. Gallery descriptions can be found in the Detailed Rules & FAQ
:bulletblue: Do not resubmit works that have been rejected or removed from the group (even if you chose to remove it)
:bulletblue: Repeated rule-breaking will eventually lead to being banned from the group. Information on our warning system can be found in the Rules & FAQ
:bulletblue: If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, don't hesitate to note the group!

Это англо-язычная группа. Если вы не можете понять наши правила, вам лучше не вступать в группу, потому-что вы не сможете соблюдать все правила. Спасибо!


Si usted quiere unirse, debe entender el ingles, si usted no puede entender las reglas, le aconsejamos no unirse porque no será capaz de seguir todas las reglas, Muchas gracias!






Here are our affiliates!
We only allow art-related affiliates and groups must have 50+ members to be accepted. You can find our affiliation policy in the Rules & FAQ, FAQ #12.


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Hidden by Owner
ArtHaven1208 Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for accepting me! I cannot wait to apply for some of the contests! :)
LonelyZoner Mar 17, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
We'd love to have you join our Springtime Contest! =D There's plenty of time, so I hope you enter!
ArtHaven1208 Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
btw when is the last day we can submit our artwork for the Springtime contest?
LonelyZoner Mar 22, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
The last day to submit to the contest is May 1st, and the winners will be announced about three weeks after that. =)
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Hidden by Owner
Hidden by Owner
GraphiteSTALKER Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for accepting me!
About my drawing-narrative series: is it okay that the concept for the attire of my characters is mostly made by :iconshabazik:, but I have created the character personalities, physical appearance (body type, eye/hair color, other customization) and tweaked the attire to make it look more personalized? 
eishiya Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We auto-accept, no need to thank us xP What we check are individual submissions, not members.

And that sounds fine, since the characters themselves are predominantly designed and written by you.
epicShadowdragon Oct 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
If I use a picture from :iconsenshistock: as a pose ref would it be denied?
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