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Hey, everyone! Here's the feature for the winners of the OCArtists Spring Contest, where you get to see a preview of their gallery and read a short interview with the first place winner!

First Place!

:iconcnids: Cnids
Winning Piece:
Green Haze by Cnids

What made you become an artist, and how long have you been focusing on art?
I started drawing when I was about 13. My aunt gave me a large sketchbook, and I decided I might as well fill it. After high school, I started to treat my work a little more seriously, and have been using it as a kind of “personal philosophy expression tool” since then.

From all aspects of art, what do you enjoy drawing most?
Technology and biology. Robots and plants, more specifically. I also like to include a sort of ‘religious’ feel to some of my work. Lots of symbolism, weird hand gestures, etc.

Your gallery includes both naturalistic and robotic pieces, fantasy and science fiction, and even combines them! Is there any reason or inspiration for you to focus on these and bring them together?
I like to have a balance between elements in my work. Taking disparate elements and combining them together in a way that makes sense. In a more conceptual level, I’m interested in where we draw the distinction between ‘natural’ and ‘artificial’. Is a beaver dam an artificial structure? What about a log house?

Are there any artists that inspire you, or that you look up to?
Absolutely. I’ve loved Justin Cherry’s work since I was young ( ) though he’s purged a lot of his older works that were my favourites from his website.
Other dA ones I really love:
:iconjon-foster: :iconjuliedillon: :iconrodluff: :iconthemichaelmacrae: :icondiogenes:
Historically, I really like Christian iconography, art nouveau, Northern Renaissance painting, and religious art in general.

Is there anything/anyone that you really want to draw, and any techniques that you would like to try?
I don’t really do a lot of fanart type stuff, but I’d really like to do more work with decaying technology/infrastructure. I need to get a lot better at environment and architecture work.

Where do you want/plan to go with your art?
Art isn’t really a viable career option for me (I focus more on programming/IT stuff), but I plan to keep making it for the rest of my life as a hobby. I hope to improve my skills to do better justice to the images in my head. I would also like to do more printmaking.

Do you have a favorite piece drawn by another artist? Why do you like it?
Probably this one:
Below the Rust by zancan Loved it for a long time.

Do you have a favorite piece of your own? Is there a reason?
Probably this one:
trichotomy/sacrosanct by Cnids I really enjoyed printmaking, and I think this one was a very effective use of the two mediums (etching and silkscreen). There’s a lot of symbolism in it and I’m really pleased how it turned out.

Which of your original characters is/are your favorite?
Probably the Dorain; the three-horned robot guy in the picture that won the contest.
Green Haze by Cnids

If could only draw one last thing, and knew that the entire world would remember and revere you for it, what would you draw? Why?
Something that encompassed existence in harmony with technology and nature. A balance between construction and decay, living and inanimate, and chaos and order.

Featured Pieces:
as above so below by Cnids Mirror Stage by Cnids finite-state machine by Cnids trichotomy/sacrosanct by Cnids On Korriban by Cnids Immortal/After Life by Cnids Pilgrim by Cnids biophilia hypothesis by Cnids Twelve. by Cnids the Aeonius by Cnids

Second Place!

:iconimaginaricide: Imaginaricide
Winning piece:
Moonlit by Imaginaricide
Featured Pieces
OC Profile: Scharlitte Vasaari by Imaginaricide Ladies, Please by Imaginaricide Missing Somethin'? - Collaboration by Imaginaricide Fever Dream by Imaginaricide Kami Elsis - Elegance and Poise by Imaginaricide POWERSPIKE by Imaginaricide The Fox and the Demon by Imaginaricide
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Welcome to OCArtists

Welcome to OCArtists! This is a group dedicated to artists who enjoy drawing their own characters in their own worlds. We are here to showcase those characters that get overlooked between fan characters and commissions.

Please follow the rules below!

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Allowed :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Characters with developed personalities and stories that you created and own
:bulletgreen: Comics, illustrations, and written works set in your own original worlds
:bulletgreen: Characters created for RPs (roleplays), as long as the worlds and stories are original
:bulletgreen: Finished artwork created by you from scratch that highlights your original creations
:bulletgreen: Collaborations featuring your OCs where you did at least 1/3 of the work
:bulletgreen: Works featuring minimal stock use (for texturing etc) which is appropriately credited

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: Not Allowed :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

:bulletred: Characters and designs you did not create, such as in fan art, other people's OCs, characters you adopted from other people, and characters closely based on real people
:bulletred: Characters you do not own, such as commissioned designs
:bulletred: Artwork you did not create
:bulletred: One-shot characters that exist only for the artwork in which they are featured, or characters you otherwise do not plan to develop/use yourself, such as adoptables
:bulletred: Characters based on worlds you did not create, such as Pokemon trainer OCs or avatars from games/websites
:bulletred: Characters in cosplay, or with other characters from stories you did not help create
:bulletred: Sketches and otherwise unrefined works, copies of other images, and works that feature extensive and noticeable use of photography or any type of stock materials
:bulletred: Images with poor image quality, such as grainy photos, dirty scans, works on lined paper, and images with heavy JPG artifacts.
:bulletred: Sketch/art dumps, WIPs, alternate versions of work already submitted to the group
:bulletred: Sexually explicit works and anything that otherwise infringes on dA's submission guidelines

:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue: Submission Guidelines :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Submissions are limited to 1 per week
:bulletblue: Submit your work to the correct gallery. Gallery descriptions can be found in the Detailed Rules & FAQ
:bulletblue: Do not resubmit works that have been rejected or removed from the group (even if you chose to remove it)
:bulletblue: Repeated rule-breaking will eventually lead to being banned from the group. Information on our warning system can be found in the Rules & FAQ
:bulletblue: If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, don't hesitate to note the group!

Это англо-язычная группа. Если вы не можете понять наши правила, вам лучше не вступать в группу, потому-что вы не сможете соблюдать все правила. Спасибо!


Si usted quiere unirse, debe entender el ingles, si usted no puede entender las reglas, le aconsejamos no unirse porque no será capaz de seguir todas las reglas, Muchas gracias!







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